Welcome to the Luminous Emporium!

Welcome to the Luminous Emporium!

We’re so excited to have you join us. Becky and I have been working to stake out a corner of the Internet where we can spread joy, light, witchiness, and magic into your world, where we can focus on the things that make us alive.

Let’s start with an introduction: I’m SJ, the more woo-friendly of the two of us; I believe magic exists and that there are powers beyond our comprehension, and I am always drawn to the Tarot cards to explore the currents running through our lives. Sadly, it’s a love-fear relationship, and I hope that through Luminous Emporium I’ll gather the courage to approach the things I’m drawn to more frequently.

When I’m feeling low, talking to Becky always helps: she fiercely believes in people as beings, not machines meant to take up jobs and responsibilities in the world of capitalist society. As Mulder says in The X-Files, I want to believe in the world that she reminds me should exist, the world where the thing that matters about me is not the value of work I contribute but how I go about the things that make me happy.

Between her attitude and my excitement for this project, we should have you covered in the art of being yourself!

At some point, we’ll also open up a shop to provide you with more ways to explore your own self. I can’t wait to get to know you all!

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