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Coming back to life

Coming back to life

When I texted a friend this morning to say that I didn’t know how I feel about the full moon today, she suggested I use my daily meditation to ask for guidance. Then I spent my entire meditation period thinking about getting out a notebook and my Faeries oracle cards, so I count that as my answer. Look, Gods! I’m doing what you suggested, even!

A notebook, pen, and three Faeries Oracle cards

I have to give my spirituality more priority. Moon cycles create dramatic changes in my life, and it’s going to become even more important to honor those. With the theme of the year continuing to be intense, carving out space for me to reflect and honor the important things happening in my life will help me feel less like I’m always behind on things.

I’m finally starting to feel like I have a handle on how my body will react to the world, now it’s time to get a handle on my spiritual life. It’s hard and important work for me to do.

I miss writing, again. I dropped off when I started taking care of myself after surgery. Now it’s time to get back into it and catch up on all I’ve missed.

Nervous, fearful, and ready

Nervous, fearful, and ready

Today’s to-do list is starting to feel oppressively long and scary, which means it’s time to do something that makes me nervous first: write it out.

Like I said earlier, the theme so far this year has been intense. This week has held my first committee meeting where I’m a co-chair and therefore leading discussion (terrifying for the quiet kid in the corner!), my birthday that same day, anxiety and fear about surgery next week (but who isn’t anxious about having surgery?), birthday celebrations all week, and intense studying alongside doubts and fears that going to law school is the right decision. Yesterday I had therapy, where we talked about how I’m handling all of these things, and then I came home, meditated, and felt like I needed an oracle card.

Felt like I needed a Faeries #oraclecards today. 47 – The Oak Men. So beautiful.

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This old, wise, caring, powerful Faerie reminded me of many conversations I’ve had with my therapist: right now I am learning all I can about how I function best, in a world that wants to put me into a box that doesn’t quite fit. But the more I know about myself, the more grounded I feel, the more able to weather the storms that are coming. And they are coming: that’s what life is. Constant change. The more I stay connected to my roots, though, like the wise old Oak Men, the more I can stay myself while tossed around.

It was a good reminder that I’m on my side, not the side our culture expects me to be on.

I should go draw an oracle card for today (maybe I’ll draw one daily?), then take a practice test. This weekend is pretty busy again, but I’ll try to post on Monday—and of course keep up with me on Instagram and now also Twitter. All bets are off on whether I keep up with everything from Tuesday on, next week: recovering from surgery is going to be my main priority.