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News! News! I’m so excited!

News! News! I’m so excited!


SJ Witchling has been admitted to the law school of xyr choice. This law school’s application asked biographical data such as Preferred Name (required) and whether one wished to identify as a flavor of LGBT. Gender was not a required field. (SJ declined to state xyr gender, as the two options were “male” and “female”, and SJ feels either or both of those on any given day.) SJ is looking forward to beginning xyr law career in August, and the admissions staff and faculty at the school-of-choice appears to be just as excited to orient SJ to the campus and law student life. Xe feels like xe is dancing on Cloud 9.

Before classes begin, SJ is preparing to read Law School Labyrinth; take tours of the campus; meet with xyr faculty advisor; conduct informational interviews with lawyers in the environmental advocacy world as well as professors in that field; and, oh yeah, work part-time on the weekends; cover xyrself in glitter at summer festivals; get back into the Tarot world; find a new apartment and move to it; and do some website consulting on the side.

Pretty sure SJ doesn’t know how to stop and breathe. 🙂

Looking Forward 13 October 2015

Looking Forward 13 October 2015

I really did want to get this back to Mondays, but I was hit with so much exhaustion yesterday that I just couldn’t handle it. Next week. We’ll see how I do. 😉 I spent a couple of hours today researching some drama in the online Pagan blogging community, which made me pretty sad. It scares me how easily people can hurt other people, and I hope to be as calm of a presence as I can be.

Anyway, over the weekend I did a tiny bit of community organizing in the form of creating a Dreamwidth community for me and others to record our daily Tarot card draws and work together to study the cards: [community profile] tarotstudies. Partly inspired by The Alternative Tarot Course, in which Beth practically orders you to draw cards every day, and partly in a community spirit of learning from others, I’m hoping it becomes a good community of Tarot reflection, contemplation, and discussion. If you, too, are in love with Dreamwidth’s site structure and mission, and are interested in the community, please do join!

Now that that’s out of the way, how about three cards to keep us company this week?

Ten of Pumpkins

The Ten of Pumpkins card from the Halloween Tarot

The Ten of Pumpkins shows us all we have at hand, if we only could take off our blindfolds and look around us. This card suggests that we have plenty of resources at our disposal, but we need to open our minds to what those resources could look like. Tens usually are the culmination of something, and right now the culmination seems to be of how much we’ve gained.

Six of Bats

The Six of Bats card from the Halloween Tarot

The Six of Bats is a bit confused, maybe even feeling a bit attacked by the knowledge coming from all sides. Maybe we’re listening to too many things, or maybe we need to find a focal point, because if we let ourselves get overwhelmed by things that don’t matter, we’ll have a pretty hard time with staying on track.

Five of Bats

The Five of Bats card from the Halloween Tarot

Meanwhile, the Five of Bats wants to caution us against holding important things too close to our chests. Again, the more we focus this week on small things, the more blind we are to the riches about us. Try and see things from someone else’s perspective: maybe there’s something we can learn from them, or maybe they’re trying to tell us something important about ourselves.