Playing with the Full Moon and Faeries Oracle

Playing with the Full Moon and Faeries Oracle

I’ve been slooooowly outing myself to my social circle about my Pagan inclinations, and it’s been much more well received than I thought it would be. I guess that if people love and accept me as I am now, glitter obsession and all, it’s not a far cry to see me believing in the power of Tarot, astrology, the Moon, whatever. I am already that slightly left-of-normal, but now I’m committing myself fully to that path.

The best part about being more honest and open about the path I’m walking down? It’s giving me more motivation to buckle down and study. After spending a couple hours planning a full moon ritual yesterday for tonight, I came home and spent another hour or more doing some play time with my Faeries’ Oracle cards.

I canNOT remember when I got these cards. It was for my birthday, but was it in 2014? Or 2015? 2013? A friend sent it to me with the intent that I use the book that came with it to work with the cards. I’ve hemmed and hawed, picked it up, read a page, then got nervous and put it back down, spent more time with my Fey Tarot instead.

A book, "The Faeries' Oracle", placed on the grass with a bag of oracle cards

Until last night, when I got home and decided Now was a great time to pick up the cards, pick up the book, and work on the first couple of exercises. And I learned some good things about myself and the path I’m going down while playing with these cards. Maybe soon I can use them in addition to Tarot to do readings for others, too!

I also mentioned that I’m planning a full moon ritual for tonight. I’ve studied different types of religious witchcraft paths for years, always been drawn to the moon, and until now never had the courage to follow through and do something for the full moon. I’m grateful and looking forward to a good, simple, respectful, great time to play under the Moon’s watchful eye.

Some of the Fey Tarot cards scattered on the grass

Another great thing about being open to my friends? Hanging out on a beautiful day at the park and admiring the Tarot with them.

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