October Magic

October Magic

An image of pumpkins with the text "Halloween is coming"

To me, October is the most magical time of the year. Kids are getting excited about Halloween, a holiday to let wild one’s imagination and creativity. Fall is in full swing, with leaves changing and falling, a fresh chill in the air, and a sense of magic and wonder as the year begins its descent to the end.

So of course it’s a perfect time to start a new project, one dedicated to warmth and light and illuminating one’s wild, creative side. Of course it’s time to get in touch with the magic through Tarot readings (especially with a fun Halloween deck with a black cat!). Of course it’s the time to light candles and fires and store the necessities to get through winter, but still take those last much-needed walks through nature before it’s impossible to stay warm.

I don’t know about you, but I am excited and ready for the coming season. I can’t wait to explore everyday witchiness with you all and draw Tarot cards for insight in the coming months. There will be candles, plants, and trials and tribulations as we figure out this thing called life. There is magic of all kinds. I’m hoping you’ll explore the magic with us!

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