My city is grieving.

My city is grieving.

This is an email I sent yesterday to far-away family and friends. It contains racism, police brutality, and violence.

If you don’t think you can read it all, please consider donating to Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. They are on the front lines of this fight. They need our support.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this, because I don’t trust the media, but we live under a militarized police force this week in Minneapolis. I’ve spent a lot of this week in grief and anger and hearing from people who are going to the site where on Sunday morning yet another black man was murdered by the police. I can’t believe this is still happening here. And I can’t believe that the police’s response is to armor up and threaten all the people there.

I know a lot of the people who are at the protests. They are not there to do any harm to anyone else. But they are having weapons aimed at them. One council member stepped in front of another council member, telling the police to shoot her if he had to shoot anyone, she’s a council member in Minneapolis. There’s a photo on Twitter of my U.S. representative’s SON standing with his hands up in front of a police man with a gun. I know people who have been rotating in and out of the protest, bringing food and warm clothes and sharing what’s happening on Facebook.

So when one of the people there posted on Facebook a plea to donate to Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, an amazing group of people there on the front lines, I decided to share this story with you all and beg that you donate some amount, since I cannot.

Here’s her post:

Many folks are watching what is happening in our community, all around the country. Folks have shown support in many different ways, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am asking you to PLEASE take the time and make a donation to NOC. I have NEVER seen an organization so stead fast and committed to justice for all.

They talk it, they walk it, they live it, they breathe it. Just go to their office and see who is hired, volunteering, working along side them. They need your support more now than ever. They model the CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

Please make a donation and ask five friends/family to do the same. If you are part of an organization or business, please make a donation. We all have a responsibility and role to play when it comes to justice, please donate today.

Please Repost- Let’s get donations from all 50 states.

Please, please consider donating. I’m too worried about my health to actually go there and stand with them, but I am so angry that this keeps happening, and I need as much support as I can get to help stop this madness.

Thank you. Love to you all and so excited to see you in December. Don’t worry about my safety; being white, I can still manage to do the things I need to here without worrying that a cop will shoot me.

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