Looking Forward 27 April 2015

Looking Forward 27 April 2015

Happy Monday, friends! Becky and I are working together again to bring you Looking Forward for the week. When I realized while talking to my mom yesterday that I haven’t had a day off just to myself in over two weeks, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do this today without help. This week is a doozy of a week, and I can use all the help I can get! So thank you Becky.

What do the cards have in store for us this week?

Ace of Cups

Emotional force. Intuition. Intimacy. Love.

Begin at the beginning: an Ace usually suggests starting something new. With spring finally setting in, it’s a good time this week to prepare some seeds in your relationships. Are you looking to develop stronger friendships? Maybe it’s time to make amends with family members. Now is a great time to spend that kind of emotional energy.

Two of Pentacles

Juggling. Flexibility. Fun.

Don’t get too wrapped up in something, though. The beginning of May is about FUN! If things don’t work the way you expect them to, just remember that there’s a lot going on right now, and flexibility is the key to surviving the storm.

Nine of Swords

Worry. Guilt. Anguish.

Those swords are sharp, the ones picking at your head and reminding you to do this thing, that thing, make sure everything is perfect. I get it. This week will be relentless, but remember again, that flexibility is key.


Ace. Two. Nine. New feelings are opening up, and they may be causing quite a bit of grief. They don’t need to be, though. Learn to stop worrying and play! And that is my lesson for ever, since I have such a hard time learning it myself. 😉 Good luck with your week!

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