Looking Forward 22 September 2015

Looking Forward 22 September 2015

(Am I switching these to Tuesday? Time will tell…)

Lots of self-reflection and study happening in my parts. And, of course, rest. I’ve learned from a good friend that rest is work and I’m working on honoring and respecting my need for rest—without sabotaging that rest with guilt and doubts.

So I haven’t paid attention to last week’s cards this week. On top of that I’ve had some social anxiety when I’m in bigger groups, so there hasn’t been a lot of connecting to new people either! Which is fine. My priorities right now are to take care of myself and to commit to my Tarot and spiritual practices. Everything else is just stuff.

That said, what should we look forward to this week? How about one card?

Knave of Chalices

The Knave of Chalices card from the Fey Tarot deck

Be emotional. Be intuitive. Be intimate. Be loving.

Kind of exactly how I’m going to go about my week: act loving toward myself and be emotional and intimate with my friends when need be, and intuitive about the universe. Huh.

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