Looking Forward 20 April 2015

Looking Forward 20 April 2015

It’s the end of a long day (week or two), my freshly-brushed-and-dandered cat is on my lap, I just vacuumed a bit of my room and the living room after actually cooking for myself, and now I can feel my chest seizing up… time for Looking Forward! Okay, that sounds awful, I’ve been looking forward (ha) to this all day. Still, I am trying too hard to get everything done perfectly, then my chronic illnesses get stronger and I get weaker. It’s definitely not fun.

It does mean that it’s a great time to look for guidance from the cards, though. Here’s some thoughts for the week ahead.

XI Justice

We got some heavy hitters here today, with Justice showing up. Justice is blind to your wants, but this Justice is a force to be reckoned with: a warning to live as closely as possible to your values.

Ace of Pentacles

Drawing a magic circle. A time to go back to hearth and home, steady yourself, and start something new. Meditate on a mandala.

XXI The World

The world waits for no one – but it does still carry on if we don’t give it 100% of our attention. We’ll have a place in it, despite that.


I’m a little too tired to have a great conclusion tonight, but it seems like a good week to be the truest Me I can be, and let the world accept me for who I am. Even if – especially if! – that is a witchy, creative, not-quite-perfect person. What are your goals for the week?

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