Looking Forward 2 Feb 2015

Looking Forward 2 Feb 2015

Every Monday, I draw three cards to focus on for the week coming up.

To be perfectly honest, I’m starting to panic about the month ahead. It feels like a lot of things are going to make a mess of my life, and I have no idea where to find a calm oasis of sanity. Or just an oasis of calm. Too many riptides fighting each other through my system.

That’s an apology in advance for quiet on my end. Everything is just so overwhelming, and in order to focus on what to write, I need more quiet and calm. But for now, what does the Tarot say for our week ahead?

Three of Bats

Yup, looks like a riptide to me: thunderstorm eating away at our emotional center.

XIV Temperance

But Temperance will see us through: finding a place of calm, where we can nurture our inner witchiness and make some potions, will be an ideal coping mechanism.

Three of Pumpkins

Ending with the Three of Pumpkins makes me feel hopeful: that despite emotional turmoil, we’re building on solid bedrock. That means a greater chance of long-term success, even if it does not feel like that right now.


What do you think? Do any of these cards speak to you, or am I the only one in an emotional frenzy? I decided against using any definitions of what the cards mean, as the image on the Three of Bats of three bats carrying a heart through a storm was evocative enough for how I feel right now. Reminds me in a way of Furies: three Furies of passion pulling us through a storm… not that the Furies would do that, but that there is that passionate force behind it.

With that, I’m off to start another long week, and a weekend that didn’t have enough for me. Talk to you all soon!

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward 2 Feb 2015

  1. Oh you are not the only one for sure. Last week put me in a VERY emotionally low place – emotional riptide, definitely yes. I’m trying to find my inner calm right now – these are very apropos of my life right now!

  2. I’m not familiar with the Halloween deck at all, but it certainly sounds interesting. It’s rather hard to tell if a riptide is coming for me as I’ve been in the midst of an emotional storm for a few months. But the remaining cards resonate. Temperance is always a reminder to me that I have endured much already and come through many storms, and part of that is remembering that I have built a pretty solid foundation for myself.

    Anyway, sending love. Hope that you come through the storm safe and that the week is not too awful and that you are able to get some rest and relaxation in somewhere.

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