Looking Forward 19 Jan 2015

Looking Forward 19 Jan 2015

Every Monday, I draw three cards to focus on for the week coming up.

I wanted to get back to the Halloween Tarot today, since last week’s reading was harder than I expected. And then Halloween decided to be part cipher as well. In other news, I’m glad I’m doing this, and you can rest assured that there will be more study in the near future.

VIII Strength

strength, action, courage, heroism, virility, determination, patience

X The Wheel of Fortune

fortune, destiny, turning point, rapid change, travel, advancement, progress, abundance and richness

VII The Chariot

official journey, victory, perseverance, self-assertion, vengeance

There are big forces at work this week, the tides turning and pulling us along with it. Again we have journeys and getting to our truth. Part of this reminds me of launching Luminous Emporium to the world today, where we are taking our first steps on a journey to the truth of our purpose in life. We have the Strength to do what we need to (and it’s a gentle strength, the kind that will take care of the wounded lion), and we have progress as the Wheel turns. I may have to look back at these cards at the end of the week.

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  1. I am completely okay with big forces at work this week – I think I need some turning points and change. So far I can already see some of this – we’ll see where the rest of the week takes us.

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