Looking Forward 13 April 2015

Looking Forward 13 April 2015

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? I almost but not quite caught up on everything this weekend, mostly because I was also trying to deter what I’ve been calling a Bad Brain Week. I have chronic depression, and the chronic part means I will probably deal with it every day for the rest of my life. This is one of the reasons why self-care is SO important – for me and everyone else!

I’m not completely ready for a new week to start, but I have some guidance for taking a step back and taking care of myself. So let’s look forward to next week. The Fey Tarot spent some time with me at work last week, nudging me toward new possibilities, so I think they’re an excellent deck to get out this morning.

Queen of Pentacles

Opulence, magnificence, coquetry, aesthete soul

At first glance, this Queen of Pentacles looks ready to tug someone’s braids, full of mischief and merriment. But that exterior is hiding her magnificent wisdom and knowledge: as a guide, she’ll cajole with sweets and laughter, then take you somewhere you didn’t know you needed to be.

Knight of Swords

Ability, courage, impetuousness, anger, combative soul

That description is almost all you need to know about the Knight of Swords: this is a take-charge card, heading down a path with no reservations.

10 of Chalices

Joy, shared joy, the joy of sharing, communication, hope, strong feelings, the courage to express one’s emotions

A card of happiness and contentment.


Looks like a fun-loving Fey woman might tap us on our shoulder and take us down an adventurous road – if we let her. Don’t be afraid of the unexpected and whimsical, because it might be the magic that takes you the way you’re meant to go.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward 13 April 2015

  1. I can’t say I truly believe in tarot but that doesn’t mean I don’t like having some fun with it 🙂 I love reading horoscopes and getting my future predicted. Plus I think tarot cards are a great way to incorporate some magic and spirituality into your life. We all need that.

    1. Hi Kiss & Make-up, thanks for commenting! I absolutely believe in Tarot cards as a way to incorporate magic and spirituality into your life and help examine some of the things going on. They’re not so much about “predicting the future” as much as giving you something to think about now. Personally I think we need to have fun with everything! Have a great day!

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