Looking Forward 11 May 2015

Looking Forward 11 May 2015

Hello, readers! I just spent some time trying to clear my head with guided meditation from a rather moody and depressed day so that I can bring you a less biased reading. I really ought to do readings for myself, but with one thing and another, I’m just too busy to take the time. “Too busy” is definitely starting to overwhelm me. I guess the only reasonable thing is to say that I’m only human and I have to do what I can with that.

So let’s keep with the theme of being gentle to ourselves and see what the cards have in store for the week. I’m using the Halloween Tarot today.

Queen of Imps

A kind, generous, curious woman who revels in the world’s wonders. Success in all endeavors—family, home, career, growing things.

Success in growing things is appropriate to early May in the Midwest. Everyone is getting plants out now and getting them ready for summer!

XV The Devil

Self-indulgence, temptation. Unethical behavior, abuse of power. Being a slave to your desires. Avoidance of responsibility. Discontent.

(This sounds like my cat right now, being a slave to her desires and avoiding responsibility for herself!)

XIX The Sun (Two-Headed Monster)

Exuberance, happiness, success. Simple pleasures. A purity of spirit and mind. A good partnership or marriage.

The Sun is always one of my favorite energies in a Tarot deck—well, one of my favorite energies in general. Its happiness and good feelings just flow through me.

All Together Now

Obviously the Devil is still trying to get our attention: something is stuck in our thinking, and it’s time to tease it out. This Devil orders others around, keeps them on a tight leash, and acts like she’s doing it for their own good. Does that sound familiar? If we can break free of that kind of pattern, we can move on to the totally content feeling of lazing in the Sun, feeling good about everything. Perhaps emulating the Queen of Imps will be good right now, looking at all the wonders of the world and wondering how it all works together.

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