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A Tarot three-card draw for the week ahead.

Looking Forward 11 May 2015

Looking Forward 11 May 2015

Hello, readers! I just spent some time trying to clear my head with guided meditation from a rather moody and depressed day so that I can bring you a less biased reading. I really ought to do readings for myself, but with one thing and another, I’m just too busy to take the time. “Too busy” is definitely starting to overwhelm me. I guess the only reasonable thing is to say that I’m only human and I have to do what I can with that.

So let’s keep with the theme of being gentle to ourselves and see what the cards have in store for the week. I’m using the Halloween Tarot today.

Queen of Imps

A kind, generous, curious woman who revels in the world’s wonders. Success in all endeavors—family, home, career, growing things.

Success in growing things is appropriate to early May in the Midwest. Everyone is getting plants out now and getting them ready for summer!

XV The Devil

Self-indulgence, temptation. Unethical behavior, abuse of power. Being a slave to your desires. Avoidance of responsibility. Discontent.

(This sounds like my cat right now, being a slave to her desires and avoiding responsibility for herself!)

XIX The Sun (Two-Headed Monster)

Exuberance, happiness, success. Simple pleasures. A purity of spirit and mind. A good partnership or marriage.

The Sun is always one of my favorite energies in a Tarot deck—well, one of my favorite energies in general. Its happiness and good feelings just flow through me.

All Together Now

Obviously the Devil is still trying to get our attention: something is stuck in our thinking, and it’s time to tease it out. This Devil orders others around, keeps them on a tight leash, and acts like she’s doing it for their own good. Does that sound familiar? If we can break free of that kind of pattern, we can move on to the totally content feeling of lazing in the Sun, feeling good about everything. Perhaps emulating the Queen of Imps will be good right now, looking at all the wonders of the world and wondering how it all works together.

Looking Forward 5 May 2015

Looking Forward 5 May 2015

Hey all, I forgot Looking Forward yesterday! I apologize for that. I caught a cold over the weekend, and it’s not so bad, but it IS triggering my asthma, so I’m caught up in making sure I can breathe instead of working on my Tarot, oops. How about I make it up to you now? Today’s deck is Fey Tarot, and only one card today.

XV The Devil

What a tricky Fey we have here. Master of conniving and trickery – maybe something in this week is going to trip us up, make us question why we’re doing what we’re doing. The Devil is a great card for self-examination, because he reminds us to ask questions of ourselves. In the Fey Tarot, the Devil is on fire, eating trees – but isn’t that what fires do, don’t they burn up some ground in order to make way for new growth? Maybe this week is a good time to let something destructive go for our own well-being.

Looking Forward 27 April 2015

Looking Forward 27 April 2015

Happy Monday, friends! Becky and I are working together again to bring you Looking Forward for the week. When I realized while talking to my mom yesterday that I haven’t had a day off just to myself in over two weeks, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to do this today without help. This week is a doozy of a week, and I can use all the help I can get! So thank you Becky.

What do the cards have in store for us this week?

Ace of Cups

Emotional force. Intuition. Intimacy. Love.

Begin at the beginning: an Ace usually suggests starting something new. With spring finally setting in, it’s a good time this week to prepare some seeds in your relationships. Are you looking to develop stronger friendships? Maybe it’s time to make amends with family members. Now is a great time to spend that kind of emotional energy.

Two of Pentacles

Juggling. Flexibility. Fun.

Don’t get too wrapped up in something, though. The beginning of May is about FUN! If things don’t work the way you expect them to, just remember that there’s a lot going on right now, and flexibility is the key to surviving the storm.

Nine of Swords

Worry. Guilt. Anguish.

Those swords are sharp, the ones picking at your head and reminding you to do this thing, that thing, make sure everything is perfect. I get it. This week will be relentless, but remember again, that flexibility is key.


Ace. Two. Nine. New feelings are opening up, and they may be causing quite a bit of grief. They don’t need to be, though. Learn to stop worrying and play! And that is my lesson for ever, since I have such a hard time learning it myself. 😉 Good luck with your week!

Looking Forward 20 April 2015

Looking Forward 20 April 2015

It’s the end of a long day (week or two), my freshly-brushed-and-dandered cat is on my lap, I just vacuumed a bit of my room and the living room after actually cooking for myself, and now I can feel my chest seizing up… time for Looking Forward! Okay, that sounds awful, I’ve been looking forward (ha) to this all day. Still, I am trying too hard to get everything done perfectly, then my chronic illnesses get stronger and I get weaker. It’s definitely not fun.

It does mean that it’s a great time to look for guidance from the cards, though. Here’s some thoughts for the week ahead.

XI Justice

We got some heavy hitters here today, with Justice showing up. Justice is blind to your wants, but this Justice is a force to be reckoned with: a warning to live as closely as possible to your values.

Ace of Pentacles

Drawing a magic circle. A time to go back to hearth and home, steady yourself, and start something new. Meditate on a mandala.

XXI The World

The world waits for no one – but it does still carry on if we don’t give it 100% of our attention. We’ll have a place in it, despite that.


I’m a little too tired to have a great conclusion tonight, but it seems like a good week to be the truest Me I can be, and let the world accept me for who I am. Even if – especially if! – that is a witchy, creative, not-quite-perfect person. What are your goals for the week?

Looking Forward 13 April 2015

Looking Forward 13 April 2015

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? I almost but not quite caught up on everything this weekend, mostly because I was also trying to deter what I’ve been calling a Bad Brain Week. I have chronic depression, and the chronic part means I will probably deal with it every day for the rest of my life. This is one of the reasons why self-care is SO important – for me and everyone else!

I’m not completely ready for a new week to start, but I have some guidance for taking a step back and taking care of myself. So let’s look forward to next week. The Fey Tarot spent some time with me at work last week, nudging me toward new possibilities, so I think they’re an excellent deck to get out this morning.

Queen of Pentacles

Opulence, magnificence, coquetry, aesthete soul

At first glance, this Queen of Pentacles looks ready to tug someone’s braids, full of mischief and merriment. But that exterior is hiding her magnificent wisdom and knowledge: as a guide, she’ll cajole with sweets and laughter, then take you somewhere you didn’t know you needed to be.

Knight of Swords

Ability, courage, impetuousness, anger, combative soul

That description is almost all you need to know about the Knight of Swords: this is a take-charge card, heading down a path with no reservations.

10 of Chalices

Joy, shared joy, the joy of sharing, communication, hope, strong feelings, the courage to express one’s emotions

A card of happiness and contentment.


Looks like a fun-loving Fey woman might tap us on our shoulder and take us down an adventurous road – if we let her. Don’t be afraid of the unexpected and whimsical, because it might be the magic that takes you the way you’re meant to go.

Looking Forward 6 April 2015

Looking Forward 6 April 2015

Happy Monday, everyone! I had an issue with my alarm this morning, forgot about Looking Forward in my rush to get it together for work, and am now sitting at work trying to wake up enough to do something. So in order for me to bring back Looking Forward, Becky and I are working together: she’ll pull three cards and I’ll interpret for us. We’ll be working with the traditional Rider-Waite deck today.

King of Wands

Creative, inspiring, forceful, charismatic, bold

The King of Wands might show up as a creative person or characteristics for you to emulate. Are you honoring your creative, charismatic, bold self? Be commanding and don’t let obstacles block your way to your passions this week.

9 of Wands

Defensiveness, perseverance, stamina

You might doubt yourself while following your passion, but the 9 of Wands reminds us to persevere and stay focused on our goals. Defend yourself from negative thoughts and others’ doubts, and keep doing what you’re doing.

9 of Cups

Wish fulfillment, satisfaction, sensual pleasure

While we’re at it, remember Meditation February? Meditation, to me, is a way of getting in touch with your senses and awareness, and 9 of Cups says to stay aware of all our senses while we’re pursuing our week. It’s not enough to feel the thrill of passion in your head, but what about your hands? How do you feel with the sound and feel of the wind rushing past your ears while you chase what you need? What about tastes? Paying attention will bring us greater satisfaction and joy.


Oddly, 9 is an important, magical number to me: the fact that it’s showing up twice makes me sit up and pay attention. There is a fire being sparked this week, and it’s important to be awake and alive for it. Having just passed the spring equinox, Passover, and Easter, all times of honoring the energy of renewal and waking up, springing into action, I would say it’s a good week to work with that energy of newness and take up something we’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t quite had the energy for it yet. Something new and exciting, and making sure you’re very aware of all of your senses while you do it. Something might just surprise you.

Have a great week!

Looking Forward 23 Feb 2015

Looking Forward 23 Feb 2015

Every Monday, I draw three cards to focus on for the week coming up.

I apologize for the lack of posting last week! Unfortunately, I’m unlikely to post much this week, as my focus will be on finishing my last week of work at this assignment and moving. Signed a lease yesterday! The new place is not as big as I’d hoped, but the kitchen makes up for it (and dishwasher and free laundry).

That said, here’s our cards for the week!

Eight of Imps

Taking quick action, coming to a conclusion, receiving news

The little guys depicted here are on defense: wands ready, knowing there’s a fight coming, no one quite taking sides to work together.

XIX The Sun

Becoming enlightened, experiencing greatness, feeling vitality, having assurance

I sure hope this is heralding more sunlight for us. That would be pretty great! The Sun is a pretty personal card for me, so it’s hard to not identify with it strongly. In my case, it reminds me to let the sunshine fill me with energy so that I can be there to pour cheer into others’ hearts.

Queen of Imps

Attractive. Wholehearted. Energetic. Cheerful. Self-assured.

This is my wonderful friend Becky, queen of fire and creative ideas. It fits that she’s having a few revelations the last couple of days, and that the Imps, creatures of fire, also use sunlight as their energy source. Pretend you’re a plant for a while and soak in a few rays to ground, center, and ultimately find what it takes to be true to YOU.


More than a little of this might be colored by a re-read of my favorite witching series (which I should write about!). We have fire and creativity forces working this week to push us out of our shells. Take a deep breath to soak in that glorious sun energy and then go create something beautiful. Don’t get caught up in the details of the day-to-day, either: that way lies madness. The most important thing to come out of this is to be true to you.

Looking Forward 16 Feb 2015

Looking Forward 16 Feb 2015

Every Monday, I draw three cards to focus on for the week coming up.

Hey guys. Still rather frazzled and stressed about everything going on, but I brought my cards to work with me and since there are rather a lot of people out, no one will be looking over my shoulder and asking questions I’m not quite ready to answer yet while I draw three cards for us.

So, let’s get to it. Still in a Halloween mood.

Six of Pumpkins

Ace of Pumpkins

Seven of Pumpkins

All Pumpkins today. Looks like we can look forward to material success and the comforts of house and home. When things get rough, surround yourself with comforting treats: soft pillows, plush toys, soothing ocean sounds. Now’s a good time to make your Self-Care Kit, a box of the things you do to make you feel safe and comforted, as well as a list of things to do that make you feel that way. This kit in place could help your way to building a solid foundation for home.

I haven’t made my own yet, but you can be sure that if I do get to it, you’ll know!

Looking Forward 9 Feb 2015

Looking Forward 9 Feb 2015

Every Monday, I draw three cards to focus on for the week coming up.

I made it through last week, and now I have another getting ready to swallow me up. One of the three huge stressors is taken care of, and now I just need the next to be. Maybe by the end of this week? Thinking about Temperance last week did help me: I gave myself time to take care of myself at the end of the day, and it really helped me get through the week. I should take that lesson into this, and the next.

Now for this week’s cards.

II The High Priestess

Wisdom, secrets to be revealed, and the development of intuition

Showing up again, the High Priestess. Inviting us to take part in the secrets she holds and attesting to the fact that we are Witchy Women.

Seven of Ghosts

Creativity and talent in abundance, confusion of choices

There’s a party going on here, but far away – the lonely soldier carries on, seeing, respecting, and continuing on his purpose. It’s okay to ignore temptations if they’re in the way of your goal this week. They’ll still be there when you get back. Focus on the choice that’s most important.

Knight of Imps

Change of residence, journeys, moves

And now for some action: charging into the battle. For me, a literal change of residence (and hope that this means good news for the seemingly never-ending process). Not backing down from the things that are important, even if it feels all-consuming and overwhelming. The courage and strength to keep going down this path and make the home for you.