Asking the cards for guidance

Asking the cards for guidance

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a Looking Forward, but I’d like to draw three cards for guidance for the next few days. I’m transitioning back to “home” tomorrow, and gathering up all the tools I have for keeping me grounded and centered. So this is what I’m asking my Halloween Tarot: how to stay calm and collected during the next few days of transition.

Queen of Bats

The Queen of Bats in the Halloween Tarot

The last time I saw the Queen of Bats was only about a week ago, doing a one-card draw for myself. The message she had for me was simple but hard: be sure of yourself. The Queen of Bats is a woman who knows her place in life. I am not that at the moment, but I want to be. Or rather, I think the more promising point is that she wants me to be assured of my place in the world.

XX Judgment

The Judgment card of the Halloween Tarot

I’ve been judging myself, and finding myself wanting. A couple of relevant keywords for Judgment: Decision, renewal, rebirth, consciousness, forgiveness. Delaying making a decision about how my life is going to look is costing me a huge toll on myself. It’s hard to make a decision, though, with so many factors involved. Still: Judgment seems to be telling me just do it, just go through with what I need to to make my life happen.

XIX The Sun

The Sun card from Halloween Tarot

One constant in my life has been the Sun as a source of energy. It’s one of my spirit energies, really. More than one person has commented on how like sunshine I can be, so whenever I see The Sun in a reading I associate it with being my most sunny self. It’s time for that energy to be my guide just as much as being sure of myself will be.

It’s interesting to me how much the cards are saying “Just be your best self!” Well, all right. Being my best self will at least keep me honest with others and put me on a path to the life I want to be living, right?

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